Refund Policy

Our policy on refunds, if at all necessary.

  1. We have 10 Working Days Refund Policy from date of receiving the Return Product.
  2. In case the Package is not delivered due to Lost in Transit, Not Shipped from Vendor, some reasons of Natural Crisis, or any unavoidable reasons, The Refund will be Processed within 2 Working Days from the Date of Confirmation of Lost or Undelivery.
  3. If your refund if approved within a specified period, then your product will be returned to whichever your original mode of payment was, whether it was a credit card or bank transfer and such. Although you could notify us in regards to how you would like to be given the return, preferably in the form of a bank transfer.
  4. After receiving the product from you, we will thoroughly inspect the product to discerning actually if at all the condition of the product complies with the prerequisite conditions of making refunds for the original amount paid for the product, only then will we entertain the possibility of allowing the return of a product. You will be informed if whether the amount paid for the product you purchased will be returned in full, partially or not, within a given period after receiving the product from you.

Our Policy, if the product is returned too late or if the return has been delayed extensively

In the instance you have not received a return in your bank account, check again to see if the transfer has been made in your bank statement.

In the instance, your product was purchased via payment with a credit card and then calls the credit card company to ask them if the return has been made, as it may take a while before they post it on your statement.

It is also ideal to contact your bank after that as things such as processing can often take a while before an amount if cleared.

After all these methods of inquiries have been exhausted, and you have still received no return, and then you may contact to Eyuvaa Store, so as to ask how to proceed beyond that point.